June 15, 2010

Hope Channel

Hope Channel

Brad Thorp, Director reports thorp cap

Your global television network has much to report . . . and much to thank God for. New channels! New media centers! New satellites! New languages! New media! New programming! New headquarters studio and offices! New easy-to-reach TV audiences!
But the same eternal three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 being faithfully and successfully proclaimed characterizes Hope Channel’s unparalleled growth and gospel influence these past five years. Most important are the amazing miracles of hundreds of thousands of changed lives.
Currently 65 media centers around the world are contributing programming to Hope Channel. Many of these have been added in the past five years. Romania, Germany, and Brazil all added major new media centers. Four new channels—German, Romanian, and two church business channels in North and South America—have been added.
From five satellites in 2005, Hope Channel is now broadcasting on 13 satellites using 15 satellite footprints.
From three full-time, single-language channels, Hope Channel now has seven full-time, single-language channels.
In 2009 the South American Hope Channel Web sites had more than 13.8 million unique visitors. Millions more visited its other Web sites.
April 5, 2010, was the official opening of an expansion to the General Conference headquarters, providing beautiful new office space and a studio for Hope Channel.
In 2005 we had approximately 5,000 programs in inventory. Today we have more than 22,000, with many hours each week of live programming.
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Hope Channel antenna dish being installed in a prison for Somali pirates in Mombasa, Kenya. Hundreds have been baptized from this prison ministry.

In 2005 Hope Channel could be easily accessed by approximately 200 million homes. Today, nearly 500 million homes around the world can easily watch Hope Channel via direct-to-home satellite service, cable, and hundreds of local church-owned TV stations.
With this explosive growth and dynamic change, the core programming philosophy of Hope Channel remains unchanged; it is to present hope as it is in Jesus—optimistic, joyful, positive, proactive, practical, inspirational, informed, authentic hope! Our goal is to faithfully proclaim the unique, end-time message given in Scripture.
Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8). He did not say, “You will be My actors.” Hope Channel is committed to revealing how Adventists actually live out the teachings of the Bible as authentic, genuine disciples of Jesus in a “real” world as professionally and attractively as possible. What we are is the most appealing argument in favor of the gospel!
No matter where you live in the world, Hope Channel is your channel. And Hope Channel is on the verge of an even greater global influence. Television can travel where human missionaries cannot go. We are in the process of opening four new channels to serve the Middle East, India, China, and territories of the former Soviet Union—core regions of the 10/40 window of populations unreached by the gospel. Through God’s continued leading, Hope Channel will plant gospel seed in ways and locations we have never previously dreamed possible.
Soon we anticipate operating 15 full-time unique Hope Channels. Already more than 2 million people trace their baptisms, in part, to Hope Channel broadcasts. We thank God for every individual who turns to Him; and our prayer is that through the witness of Adventists and their message via Hope Channel, millions of honest seekers will turn their hearts to be ready for Jesus’ soon return.
This article was published June 24, 2010.