June 22, 2010

Griggs University/ Griggs International Academy

Griggs University/
Griggs International Academy

Donald R. Sahly, President reports sahly

capGriggs University/Griggs International Academy (formerly Home Study Interna-tional) has been the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s distance education provider for more than 100 years. Since the school was founded in 1909 more than 200,000 people have studied with Griggs.
Griggs International Academy offers a full K-12 curriculum, as well as some preschool materials. The K-12 program is dually accredited—both regionally and nationally. Grades 6-8 and all courses needed for a basic high school diploma are now available online. Students can take an entire high school program leading to a high school diploma with Griggs, or they can enroll in individual classes to supplement their middle school or high school education.
Griggs University offers continuing education and online courses to support certain degree programs, as well as degrees for international students. These programs are nationally accredited. Our college studies division also cooperates with several Adventist-affiliated universities in a college consortium program, offering regionally accredited bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields.
In the past five years our affiliate programs have experienced explosive growth. Many of these schools have limited resources, and Griggs provides support and services to students who might otherwise be unable to receive an Adventist education. In some cases Griggs serves as a “helping hand,” offering accredited courses to schools that are working to obtain accredi-tation on their own.
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Our largest international affiliate program is based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and provides an M.B.A. education to working professionals. To date, more than 2,000 students have studied in this program. The Adventist Church has a minimal presence in Vietnam, and Griggs has served as an opening wedge in sharing Adventist values with this secular nation. With few exceptions, Griggs is the only Adventist contact these students have ever had.
The General Conference administration is currently studying the distance education needs of the worldwide church and how Griggs can best meet the church’s needs. While we are awaiting the results of the commission’s recommendations, we continue to fulfill our mission and are committed to the students we serve. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the vision of our founder, Frederick Griggs, who believed that every student has the right to a Christian education. We recognize that we share with parents a sacred responsibility to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and judgment necessary to build a better community than the one they inherited. With God’s blessing, we look forward to building on our tradition of service and continuing to provide quality academic courses and programs, using technologies available to students and families around the world, that will enable students of all ages to receive a Christian education anytime, anywhere.
This article was published June 24, 2010.