June 16, 2010

He Knows What's Best

2010 1517 page7 capHEN I WAS A TEENAGER, I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FABULOUS TO HAVE twins one day. A two-for-one deal, I thought. Two little, identical babies (in my fantasy they were girls because their outfits and teeny, tiny shoes are so much cuter than boy gear), whom I would dress up and push around the mall in a double stroller. Like dolls.

Strangers would stop us everywhere because my identical twin daughters would be so stunning, and they would be best friends, and we’d be this perfect little family of four, and everything would be grand.
So then my husband and I were blessed with one beautiful baby girl. The first few months of my pregnancy were wrought with heinous nausea, and I discovered that sometimes with twins, the nausea is even worse because of the increased levels of hormones circulating when one grows two babies in her body instead of just one. And I felt kind of relieved.

When our girl was born and my husband and I went through those first few weeks of “baby boot camp baptism-by-fire” parenting, I distinctly remember wondering how I could have managed two babies. The doubled feeding, changing, and crying, oh my! And I knew then, with every fiber of my being, having one baby at a time was just right for me.

But God knew that all along. My life lesson has been, and will continue to be, trusting that He knows exactly what we can handle, and being grateful for the way He turns life out.

So to all parents of multiples, I salute you. God always knows the challenges we are fit for, and He is never wrong.

Wilona Karimabadi is marketing and editorial director for KidsView, Adventist Review’s magazine for children. This article was published June 17, 2010.