December 9, 2010

Radical Compassion

2010 1516 page7 capAN ONE PERSON MAKE A DIFFERENCE? ASK Reed Sandridge. He knows the answer.
Like millions of people today, Sandridge is a victim of the economy. The Washington, D.C., native lost his job last year. But unlike those who spend their days searching want ads and distributing résumés, Sandridge did something creative to make his world a better place.
After reviewing his savings and household budget, he made a commitment to give away $10 every day for a year. The daily task of distributing the money engaged Reed with people from all walks of life. He gave money to the homeless, students in school, and some who had six-figure incomes.
Sandridge had no idea where his acts of kindness would take him. He engages people at bookstores, supermarkets, restaurants, and on the streets. As of press time, Reed has given away more than $1,300, according to his blog (
Reactions to Sandridge’s kindness have been wide-ranging. Alex invested his $10 in cooking supplies and baked cookies to give away. Matt invested $100 of his own money to sponsor 10 participants in a fund-raising event. Soon Sandridge’s story was carried in the Washington Post and the Huffington Post and on National Public Radio and America Online. And people from 80 countries have learned about his story. He’s already received one job offer.
Sandridge’s story is a vivid example of what may happen when we reach out to others. Adventists are called to share Christ’s love to those around us. You may not be able to give $10 away every day, but you can pray for a coworker or share a meal with your neighbor. There’s no telling how many people are touched by one act of kindness.
Just ask Reed Sandridge. 
Carlos Medley is online editor for Adventist Review. This article was published June 10, 2010.