June 2, 2010

Give & Take

A few weeks ago, after my husband put up the sermon title on our reader board, a non-Adventist friend said to him, “Gene, I really admire your church and how well you know your eschatology!”
2010 1516 page13“Really?” Gene replied. “What do you mean?”
“Well, you seem to know when the Second Coming is—right down to the minute!” Gene was taken aback, as he knows that our church tries to avoid time setting. “Yes,” the friend continued, “it says on your church reader board, ‘When will the end come?’ And then it has the answer: ‘Saturday 10:45!’”
—Cindy Lou Bailey, Berrien Springs, Michigan

The Green Valley
In my mind I saw a valley
Where grass and trees were growing tall.
While on either side the meadow
Had scrubby plants or none at all.
I asked a farmer passing by
Why, when all the ground was dry
Was the valley lush and green
When no water could be seen?
He said that underneath the ground
Flowing water could be found.
He had dug and thus he knew
A little spring was flowing through.
A person who prays to God above
Spreads the goodness of His love
God blesses others day by day
Because one person kneels to pray.
Like water flowing underground
He blesses others all around.
And many more receive His care
When many people kneel in prayer.
—Marjorie Sleeman, Beltsville, Maryland

“Has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God? All that junk you’ve been carrying won’t shock Him off the throne. . . . He’s just waiting for you to stop trying to hide it from Him and instead tell Him about it and ask Him to remove it from you.”

—Ed Zachrison
in a sermon at the Seventh-day Adventist Dayton Community Chapel in Tennessee. Submitted by Margie Ulrich, Dayton, Tennessee.