May 26, 2010

Hope Channel South Africa

Hope Channel South Africa     [Main Story] 

capSID media—as the Hope Channel media center in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) is known—is housed at church-owned Helderberg College in South Africa. From its small beginnings in January 2004 with one employee and one volunteer in a college classroom, the center now occupies a customized studio on campus run by 10 full-time employees and numerous volunteers and trainees.
“We have enormous production capacity, matching some of the largest film studios in Cape Town,” SIDmedia director André Brink says.
Broadcasts stretch throughout all of sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands off the east coast of southern Africa, reaching a potential 70 million viewers on satellite and many more via low-power TV transmissions and the Internet. But, Brink explains, they produce more than the “usual preaching programs.”
“We need to be different,” he says, “so if people are flipping through channels, they may pause on Hope Channel.” He adds that the organization’s mission is “to reach spiritually sensitive people no matter what faith they are from.” They do this with a wide variety of programs for all age groups that not only teach God’s love and truth but also teach how viewers can improve the quality of their lives. Some 400 new shows are in the works this year.
Staffers also actively promote DVD ministries. They have sold more than 8,000 sets of a recent NET evangelistic event and, as a result, the entire membership of one church has accepted Adventist beliefs.