May 26, 2010

Hope Channel Brazil

Hope Channel Brazil             [Main Story]

capHope Channel’s largest media center is in Jacarei, Brazil. Although Hope Channel—Novo Tempo (Portuguese) and Nuevo Tiempo (Spanish)—was established there in 2003, television evangelism is not new to the South American Division. Church leaders in Brazil aired the division’s first televised evangelistic program in 1962, and officially organized the network in 1995. Today the network, which employs 235 staff members, reaches millions of people via TV, radio, Internet, and recorded media.
Novo Tempo broadcasts in both Portuguese and Spanish to South, Central, and North America; Europe; Angola; and Mozambique, and reaches a potential viewing audience of 100 million people. Each year the network broadcasts five satellite evangelistic campaigns in both Portuguese and Spanish.
“Everything produced in our studios is a message of hope,” director Marlon de Souza Lopes says.
One Novo Tempo viewer who requested Bible studies was dealing with divorce and struggling with depression. In time, she surrendered her heart to Jesus and was baptized.
“I thank God and all of you for bringing me this wonderful light,” she wrote to Novo Tempo staffers.

Lopes praises God for those whose lives have been changed by the broadcasts. “Every morning at 10:00,” he says, “our entire staff stops what we’re doing and asks for a special blessing of the Holy Spirit to help us do our job the way God wants it to be done.”