May 26, 2010

Hope Channel Germany

Hope Channel Germany   [Main Story]

capGermany’s Hope Channel media center is headquartered in the little town of Alsbach-Haehnlein, about 30 miles from Frankfurt. In spite of having to function within a legal framework that forbids religious advertising on broadcasting media, church leaders acquired a license for Hope Channel Radio in 2008 and a TV license early in 2009.
“There are only three Christian TV stations within Germany,” general manager Matthias Müller explains. “Ours is the only one run by a single church. Getting this license was a real miracle!”
Legal restrictions prohibit Hope Channel Germany from promoting Christian books or inviting listeners and viewers to participate in a Bible correspondence school or join the Adventist Church. Nevertheless, Müller says, they “give people access to information they have a right to have”—and the results are dramatic.
One viewer is now attempting to keep the Sabbath after watching a series on Daniel. Her husband, however, is opposed to her new beliefs.
“She’s watching Hope Channel secretly during the night when her husband is asleep,” Müller says. “She’s trying to live out her new convictions faithfully and says she feels upheld by God and feels His blessings.”
A man in Austria who lives across the street from an Adventist church discovered Hope Channel and now regularly attends that church. A former Adventist pastor and his wife who left the Adventist Church some 40 years ago are again faithful attendees because of friends and Hope Channel Germany. Others say the health and lifestyle programs have literally “saved their lives.”
“Our mission,” Müller notes, “is to build bridges for people to understand the Christian faith and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.”
Hope Channel Germany’s potential viewing audience of about 25 million homes spans Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other European countries.