May 19, 2010

Give & Take

2010 1515 page13My son was nearly 2 years old when we first studied the Creation story. I wasn’t sure how much of the story he understood until one evening. During his bath, he pushed his little blue bucket under the water and lifted it overflowing as he declared, “Let there be pond!”
Shallena Crounse, Loma Linda, California

My 5-year-old grandson, Alex, desperately wanted a bow and arrow set. Repeatedly he mimed to us how he would hold the bow and, keeping his eyes on the target, reach back to the quiver for the arrow, insert it into the bowstring, and pull the string back to let the arrow fly straight to its target!
Earnestly he asked each of us if we would get him a bow and arrow. Of course we said no, with the accompanying reason—he needed to grow up first! At last he went to Popop (who never denied him anything) to fulfill the request. Of course, the answer again was “No.”
After several days of trying, Alex went to bed. After carefully clearing off the foot of his bed, he informed us that he was asking Jesus for a bow and arrow and that he had cleared off the spot on his bed so He could bring it to him.
2010 1515 page13Of course the bed was empty the next day—no bow and arrow.
We heard nothing about the subject for several days and hoped the little boy’s faith was not discouraged because Jesus had not brought the desired toy.
Finally Alex came to me one evening and said in a soft, gentle voice, “Yaya?” (I am
“Yes,” I replied.
“I asked Jesus for a bow and arrow and He asked His Father if I could have one. His Father said
‘No’—that I needed to grow up a little more first. So that’s OK!”
What a relief and joy!
—Della Rodman, Eugene, Oregon
“Don’t tell God how big your problem is. Tell your problem how big God is.”
Owen Orr, submitted by Art Miles, Apison, Tennessee
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