May 19, 2010

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Packed Full
After a lapse of a couple years, I re-subscribed to the Adventist Review. The first issue I received was dated April 8, 2010. The first article I read was Clifford Golstein’s column, “In Another Man’s Skin” (Apr. 8, 2010). I thought, WOW! Look what I’ve been missing for the past two years. It was a most insightful book review of a once apparently violent man. It makes one stop and think about judging and condemning others before knowing all the facts. Or, as Goldstein put it, “Better leave that judging to God.”
Then I read other fascinating and timely articles: Grenville Kent’s “Miles High on Marriage” about the rewards of marital faithfulness; Elizabeth Lechleitner’s inspiring news reports; Bill Knott’s editorial that speaks of the sad situation in the world today. But he didn’t stop there. He pointed us to Jesus and the resulting freedom from fear and bondage that follows. I could go on and on.
Each page is full of precious gems that enrich one’s mind. Thank you for the tireless effort and work that goes into producing such a worthwhile magazine. I don’t want to ever be without it again.
Laurice Kafrouni Durrant
Keene, Texas

Leading the Charge
I’m so happy to see Roy Adams and others at the Review trying to wake the church up about our need to stand and be counted on the subject of creation versus evolution. Many of today’s young earth creation ministries boldly affirm that Seventh-day Adventists “used to be” at the head of that science and the Bible movement. We “used to be known” for innovative thought leadership on the critical issues of science that support the view of origins we find in the Word of God.
Now we’re known more for our silence. And given the recent Review article about events at La Sierra University, we may even become known for turning from our historic Bible-affirming position on this key doctrine.
In a survey done in both Europe and America, we find a link between the degree to which the general public accepts evolution as a fact, and the degree to which those same populations reject church attendance. Those Adventists who today embrace Darwin’s doctrine on origins found in evolution are (perhaps unknowingly) promoting the demise of not only their own denomination, but of Christianity itself.
Darwin stated that after giving the matter long and serious thought, he could find no way to marry Christianity to evolution. Ellen White wrote that theistic evolution is, in fact, “the worst kind of infidelity” (Spiritual Gifts, vol. 3, p. 91).
Bob Strom

People Will Notice” (Mar. 25, 2010) was a great editorial. Thank you for encouraging us to break our silence about the clear, reliable, historical account consistently presented in the entire Word of God regarding the recent, true origin of species.
John Baldwin

Roy Adams spoke true, noble words. People do notice. Seventh-day Adventists notice when leaders do not take a stand, or stand against our principles. People notice when we stand for what is good and right and share our resources with a world in need--as in Haiti. They notice when Adventists are seen to live a better lifestyle, as in the documentary film shown on Public Television, “The Adventists.”
Thank you for speaking up on behalf of the people--including those in our own church.
Ken Cartwright
Lubbock, Texas

My Very Own Copy
I saw the film “The Adventists” on a PBS cable TV station. As a lifetime Seventh-day Adventist most of the information was not new to me, but I was thrilled to be able to review the history of our church and its health message. I have tried to inform my friends of this film and its showings, but many of them have not been able to pick it up.
Please tell me how and where I might purchase DVDs to share with others and use as a missionary vehicle. I understand it is illegal to record and copy it.
Carol Mayes
Van Nuys, California
DVD recordings of “The Adventists” are available at most Adventist Book Centers; as well as from online merchants, such as

It Never Fails!
Regarding “Never-ending Love” (Mar. 25, 2010:
“Love never fails” (1 Cor. 13:8). How true! I met Dick Rentfro’s son, an orthopedic surgeon at Sheer Memorial Hospital in Nepal. He served God with all his heart--giving all he had to the end.
He had not always followed the way of God he had been taught, but when he “came to himself” and returned home, he was a willing servant of the God his father served.
Thank you for this article. It gives hope to all parents who love their children to the end.
Donald Fahrbach
Munising, Michigan

A Higher Calling
Regarding the news article, “Paulsen Encourages Youth to Seek Involvement in the Church” (Mar. 18, 2010):
I praise God and thank Jan Paulsen for encouraging our youth to be involved in the church, especially at the local level. It is often noted that our early pioneers were youth whom God chose as church leaders. Perhaps we should remember the qualifications that made them leaders: Before becoming leaders, by God’s grace they were first enormously dedicated to the cause, deeply studious of Scripture, and willing to sacrifice any occupation, comfort, promotion, and financial gain to begin at the most humble level to spread the truth and help build this denomination.
Today aren’t there many more enormous facilities and opportunities for any willing youth or lay members, of any profession, to be an example of leadership in spreading the gospel, helping the poor, naked, hungry, sick, and imprisoned? Today, as with our youthful, humble, self-sacrificing pioneers, “They may cultivate their powers to do the very best kind of service, and then they will be always in demand. They will be valued for all that they are worth.
“If any are qualified for a higher position, the Lord will lay the burden, not alone on them, but on those who have tested them, who know their worth, and who can understandingly urge them forward. It is those who perform faithfully their appointed work day by day, who in God’s own time will hear His call, ‘Come up higher’” (The Ministry of Healing, p. 477).
Paul Jensen
Crossville, Tennessee