May 17, 2010

Give & Take

During the month of February our Sabbath school put on a story hour outreach program every Sabbath afternoon at the local public library. We featured patriotic characters and their dependence on God.
On the third week we had church member Chet Damron portray Abraham (Abe) Lincoln. Chet was telling children how he and Abe Lincoln were alike. Abe was 6’4” and Chet was the same; Abe had a big nose and whiskers, and Chet the same. But Chet said he was older than Abe because Lincoln was shot when he was 56 years old.
Damron said that Abe weighed 180 lbs, but that he, Chet, weighed 185 lbs. Then he asked the children why they thought he weighed more. One little girl on the front row shot up and said, “Because you’ve had longer to eat!”
—Ramona Trubey, Arcadia, Indiana

The following item appeared some time ago in the Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church bulletin in Colorado:
“New Sabbath School Class: We are starting a class that will meet in the balcony. We will be studying the sanctuary.”
Apparently they will have a different view on the topic from there!
—Ardis Stenbakken, Loveland, Colorado

When I was growing up in Indiana, camp meeting was a special time for everyone—even for the farmers living around the campsite—and you would find our family there every year. One yearly problem was that a big thunderstorm would knock some tents over and soak everyone. You just kind of planned on that!
A hot summer arrived and a severe drought took hold when camp meeting time rolled around. The farmers around there were glad the “Adventist” camp meeting was coming up, for they said they knew it would rain. Some even put signs up welcoming us. Sure enough, toward the end of the week the drought was broken; it rained something fierce. Of course, the farmers were thrilled. Their faith in a storm every camp meeting was rewarded!
—Jack Vance, Jacksonville, Florida
SOUND BITE/question and answers
It doesn’t hurt to have a little biblical humor once in a while . . .
Q. What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth?
A. Ruthless.