November 17, 2009

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capA landmark conference on Seventh-day Adventism's response to homosexuality and the social phenomenon of "gay marriage" convened on the campus of Andrews University October 15-17 amid growing evidence tha tmany of the church's North American members are uncertain about its positions on the difficult spiritual and social issues involved.

The "Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church" conference drew mroe than 200 registered participants and hundreds of students, faculty, and community residents to the three-day gathering on the Berrien Springs, Michigan, campus.  As a service to our readers, the Adventist Review presents a special report of this landmark conference. 

'Compassionate and Clear': Andrews University Hosts Conference on Adventist Response to Gay Marriage
Key speakers examine the issue from all angles.

Seventh-day Adventist Position on Homosexuality
An official statement  voted October 3, 1999 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

An Affirmation of Marriage
The biblical view of marriage that the Seventh-day Adventist Church adheres to without reservation.