September 9, 2009

A Testimony

A Testimony                            [Main Story]

Donald King, Atlantic Union Conference president, received the following e-mail after the August 2-5 Pastors and Teachers Convention.
Dear Don,
As you made the final appeal to pastors and teachers to commit ourselves by signing a commitment card, I felt impressed to fill it out. My commitment to God in prayer was, "Lord I give you full permission to use me however you see fit in reopening the Kellogg school.” The Lord had already made it clear that He wanted the school reopened, but we needed $75,000 to get started and, since the school didn't have the money, I had placed the plans on hold till I could start focusing on raising the funds.
This time I placed the Lord first. I said, “You use me however you see fit.” On Monday (August10) a non-Adventist man who attended our church asked me for a meeting. I went to see him. He explained that three years ago he was involved in an estate settlement [that] he didn't think would amount to anything, but he promised to God that whatever he received, he [would] give it to the Lord. He just received a check for $74,550 and the Lord has impressed on his heart to sign it over to reopen the Kellogg school, which closed about five years ago.
He handed me the check and [now] God is moving forward with His plan to reopen His school in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Thank you for allowing God to use you and others to challenge us pastors and teachers to commit to this endeavor.

Pastor Carl Behrmann