June 10, 2009

Commuting, Praying, Singing, and God

2009 1516 page7 cap COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I WAS ON ASSIGNMENT SPEAKING WITH parents and children about the Kids in Discipleship program based in Collegedale, Tennessee.
As I visited with these awesome families, some of the topics we discussed centered on worship and different ways to approach it, given the hectic pace of life that many of us experience.
An idea that really resonated with me was supplied by attorney and mother of two sons Kelli Black. Kelli shared that she decided to shut off her radio during her morning drive to work—a commute of about 40 minutes. During this time she opted to spend it praying instead of listening to music or the morning news. Before she knew it 40 minutes of focused God time would go by. I personally can’t think of a better way to kick off your day.
So I thought I’d try it—but with a twist. In addition to turning my mind and thoughts heavenward in prayer in lieu of the radio, I alternate that with tuning in to my favorite Christian radio station and singing along. This has nicely replaced the previous menu of morning news, celebrity gossip, and commentaries that had entertained me en route to work.
I have found that as I sing various worship songs my heart feels instantly lifted (even on Monday mornings); a sense of peace floats over me, and my entire mood elevates.
I invite you to try it the next time you drive. Turn your radio off and talk to God, or tune in to worship music, sing out loud, and speak to Him that way.
You will—I promise—feel “a peace that passeth understanding” nestle over you, the kind only Jesus can bring. 
Wilona Karimabadi is marketing and editorial director for KidsView.
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