June 5, 2009

F ocus on Marriage

capIt's a known fact that June kicks off the wedding season. Just ask the caterers, florists, decorators, photographers, musicians, and wedding planners, who look forward to summer as prime business time. Unfortunately, in preparing for marriage many young couples put more money, time, and effort into the weddings than they put into their marriage. This week we share articles that offer guidance in building happy marriages.

Before You Say I Do
Seven danger signs to look for by those who are contemplating marriage.

Marriage in the Bible
What can we learn from past biblical relationships?

Learning the Ropes Before You Tie the Knot
Willie and Elaine Oliver show how you can strengthen your marriage before it begins.

Premarital Guidance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Is the church doing all it can to create an effective marriage preparation program?

Love, Sex, and Romance
Putting Christ at the center of a relationship

Growing in Our Differences
Our dreams about marriage are still being fulfilled.

Neighbor in My House
Marriage provides the perfect opportunity to practice Christianity.

The Glue of Heaven
How do Christians form healthy relationships?

The Divorce and Remarriage Challenge
How the church deals with a painful issue.