May 27, 2009

From Our Kids

From Our Kids

capChildren from the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist School in Florida completed a special project. They created a booklet documenting their reactions to KidsView. What we really loved was the fact that they were kind enough to send us a copy without us even asking. You can imagine what a delight it was for us to hear from these amazing kids. Below are three excerpted essays from their project.
Get Ready—because you are about to learn about the best magazine in the whole wide world—KidsView!
One reason why KidsView is so outstanding is because you get to learn from kids from all over the world. I learned about a girl in New Zealand. She said that many families make a dish called “hokey pokey.” This food is eaten during the Christmas season in New Zealand. Without KidsView, I might never have known this!
Another reason why KidsView is the best is because it teaches me about my Savior Jesus. In one article, I learned that I can be forgiven by putting on a clean shirt and taking off the one with spaghetti stains. The stains are like sin, which I learned can be overcome by God.

In conclusion, I hope that you understand why I think KidsView is the best. Perhaps one day, you will read it too and agree.

Alecia, grade 6

First of all, KidsView will inspire you. It will teach you how God helps and will show you how other children live. KidsView is special because it will show you how special you are. In addition, KidsView will teach you new information. You will love the calendar. It has cool days like “French Fry Friday,” and “Toast Day.” In conclusion, the next time you are bored, lonely, or sad, try reading KidsView!

Melissa, grade 4

magazine has lots of interesting stuff. Reading about kids from Cambodia was interesting. Hearing poems and stories expressed by other kids makes me smile. Their feelings remind me of my own.
In addition, I can learn new information from reading KidsView. I learn about what God has done for people all over the world. This helps me think about what God has done for me and my own family.
All in all, I love KidsView and hope to read about more interesting people and learn new things about God!

Jovian, grade 6