April 1, 2009

09CN: Division's New Treasurer An Experienced Adventist Executive

New SID Treasurer an Experienced
Church Executive
Goodwell Nthani Leaves Risk Management After Seven Years
BY PAULA WEBBER, Corporate Communications director, Adventist Risk Management

capG oodwell Nthani, a field service representative with Adventist Risk Management, Inc., (ARM) accepted the position of treasurer for the Southern Africa‐Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists (SID) in Pretoria, South Africa. In this capacity Nthani will oversee all budgets for the division and manage the financial operations for SID, an area that covers more than 10 countries in the southern part of Africa.

He succeeds Jannie Bekker who accepted a call to serve as treasurer for Southeast Asia Union Mission in Singapore. Nthani’s wife, Rhoda, will also be joining SID as associate director for Health Ministries.

Goodwell Natani

Goodwell Nthani [Photo: ARM]

Nthani is no a stranger to the work in Africa. His previous assignments included working as chief accountant and controller for the University of Eastern Africa in Kenya; treasurer and secretary‐treasurer for the Zambia Union Mission; and associate treasurer for what was then the Eastern Africa Division in Zimbabwe. For Nthani, it is almost like going back home. “I am ecstatic about the opportunity and welcome the challenge to once again serve God’s people in Africa,” says Nthani. “I look forward to working with my colleagues and participate in any way that I can to help prepare God’s people for the soon coming.”

Nthani joined the staff of ARM in 2002. His responsibilities were managing accounts for the three Africa divisions. He helped spearhead the utilization of a global position system, a digital camera technology to effectively manage and identify denominational properties for insurance and risk control purposes. He also worked in the underwriting department, overseeing reinsurance recoveries for Gencon Insurance Company of Vermont (a “captive” insurer owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church), and providing submissions for reinsurance contracts.

“We are sad to see Goodwell go,” says David Rawson, director of Field Services for ARM. “He’s been a terrific employee and I’ve enjoyed working with him. I know this new position is an important one that will provide him with new challenges and give him greater exposure to the world church. We wish him all the best.”

Nthani’s first years at ARM was spent in ARM’s London office in St. Albans, England. Mervyn Leicester was his supervisor: “During the three short years that Goodwell Nthani spent working at the London office he quickly became established in the territories he served, the East‐Central Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa‐Indian Ocean divisions of the church. In fact, he did such a good job with his clients that it was not long before his client, the Southern Africa‐Indian Ocean Division decided that he was the very person to fill their vacant slot of treasurer. We will miss Goodwell as he takes up his new responsibilities. But it is good to know that he will still be in contact with ARM, but only this time sitting on the other side of the desk as a client.”

“ARM has learned much about the needs of our African clients because of the experience Goodwell brought to ARM,” says Arthur Blinci, vice president for ARM. “The church in Africa has better insurance protection today because of Goodwell’s knowledge of the territory and the efforts put forth during his tenure to work in identifying and updating the church property schedules. We wish him God’s blessing as he provides financial leadership to the work in Africa, “ says Blinci.

Nthani was elected by SID’s executive committee and his employment was approved by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ executive committee in Silver Spring.