March 25, 2009

Those Nifty GPS Things

2009 1509 page7 cap LOVE GPS DEVICES. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE INSTALLED IN CARS. And if I were to rate my favorite modern inventions, this handy gadget would be up there with my iPod and dishwasher. I love knowing that you can go anywhere and, with the ease of a few touch screen presses, be guided to the nearest highway, Target, or beach.
In southern California about a year ago, my high school best friend came to spend the day with me in Orange County. Kristen brought her little girl, I had my two kids, and off we went in her SUV that was loaded with a fully functioning GPS. After programming it to take us from the Disneyland Marriot to The Block shopping center, we “told” it to take us to Newport Beach, and it did (with a little help from the driver, of course). It even helped us find the nearest Taco Bell. How cool is that?
But here’s the caveat. You can “ask” your GPS to give you directions to a desired destination, but it works only if you listen to it. My friend Kristen can relate. She tells me that her husband teases her for still getting lost, even when her GPS calls out directions to her. Why? She admits to not paying attention to it.
I think there is a lesson to learn from GPS devices. When you find yourself in a dilemma, perhaps facing a tough decision, you ask for help. If you really want to get it right, you ask God for help. But what happens if He speaks and you neglect to listen?
His guidance is only as good as our resolve to follow it. Just as with a GPS.
You don’t want to get lost? Don’t ignore the Voice telling you which way to go.
Wilona Karimabadi is the marketing and editorial director for KidsView.