March 11, 2009

07CN: In Sweden, Adventist Youth Learn, Practice Evanegelism

In Sweden, Adventist Youth Learn, Practice Evangelism
capF 2or 10 days in February, Ekebyholm, a Seventh-day Adventist junior college in Rimbo, Sweden hosted the second module of Relay, the Trans-European Division Institute of Evangelism. According to Paul Tompkins, youth director, the program is designed to lead young people from where they are, to where they would like to be in helping others know about Christ.
“Lay Preaching” was the topic presented to an enthusiastic group during the first week. Presenters included Don McFarlane, president of the Adventist Church in the United Kingdom, and Gifford Rhamie, lecturer at church-owned Newbold College, also in the U.K. Most participants had also attended the first Relay module held in Sweden during the autumn of 2008.
Marianne Kolkmann, Swedish Adventist Church youth director, marveled at the preaching skills developing in the group during this time, culminating in the presentation of short messages by each participant.
During the second week, Trans-European Division (TED) directors Michael Hamilton, Paul Clee, and Paul Tompkins, together with Kolkmann, focused on different aspects of youth evangelism. During this week the participants went door-to-door in the city of Norrtalje presenting a questionnaire. Some members of the group testified to a surprising interest in the questionnaire, and some  were invited to revisit people they met ....give Bible studies.
“This second module of Relay has been a blessing and a wonderful chance to stretch the mind and heart for God. It has been a chance to expand the horizon and see that God can use us where we are in our lives. We thank the TED and Newbold College for joining us in conducting Relay here in Sweden," Kolkmann said.
At the end of these two weeks, seven attendees graduated from the Relay course, having successfully completed its four modules. The next Relay course is expected to be held in Latvia, April 5-17.
                                                                                            -- Reported by TED News with AR Staff