February 25, 2009

06CN: German-language Hope Channel Launches

German-language Hope Channel Launches

capBeginning in March 2009, the Hope Channel will broadcast 24-hour German programming via ASTRA satellite, part of a Europe-wide network spanning 13 nations. The German Commission for the Evaluation of Concentration in the Media (KEK) recently granted permission to begin transmissions.

The Stimme der Hoffnung media center applied some time ago for a nationwide broadcasting license for their new German-language Hope Channel. Programming is to be supplied over the ASTRA satellite and the Internet. The KEK’s decision represents the final point of a multi-level licensing plan, officials at the Adventist Church-owned media center said.

“We are very happy to now have a full time TV program in addition to our radio program, which aims to help people cope with life’s problems and become better acquainted with the Christian faith,” says Matthias Müller, media center director.


COVERING GERMANY: The church-owned Hope Channel will now reach Germany 24 hours a day, according to editor-in-chief Gabi Pratz. [EUD photo]

In recent years, Stimme der Hoffnung has contributed regular programming to the multilingual Hope Channel Europe service, thus gaining valuable experience in the television field. The full time broadcasts of Hope Channel German are produced in the studios of the media center in Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany. Consumers’ acceptance and interest in our productions have been tested for several years through cooperation with the television stations Bible TV and Rhein-Main TV.

“In the first four years of Hope Channel TV, there has been an increase in broadcast time in the German language from one to eleven hours per week. Beginning March 2009, the number of hours will climb up to 168,” states editor-in-chief Gabi Pratz. The new channel will broadcast Christian TV programs around the clock, over the ASTRA satellite, seven days a week.

Already new series and ideas are being explored and filmed. Planning focuses on health issues such as the disease prevention and fitness, as well as on the multi-faceted needs of children and young viewers. There will also be news reports on events organized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, reports on projects of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), and on initiatives carried out by local church congregations.

With its round-the-clock coverage, Stimme der Hoffnung provides programming on relevant topics. One of the station’s aims is to encourage people in an understandable and up-to-date manner to personally study the Bible and become acquainted with Jesus Christ.

Both the Hope Channel and Stimme der Hoffnung are media outreaches of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

-- reported by Birgit Kiepe-Grigat, Euro-Africa Division, with AW staff