February 25, 2009

06CN: Church at "Intersection" of Social Issues on TV Show

Church at “Intersection” of Social
Issues in TV Show
New program airs on Hope Channel, Internet
capThe Seventh-day Adventist Church is launching a new television show this month, featuring panelists tackling subjects such as the role of women in the church, the influence of media on Christianity, and the relevance of marriage in today's society.
The series, titled "Intersection: Your Faith, Your World," will begin airing February 6 on the church's international satellite network, Hope TV. The programs will be available for download at intersection.adventist.org.
"The programs aim to explore issues which we all face in society, and as Adventist Christians in our faith community," said Rajmund Dabrowski, executive producer and communication director for the Adventist world church.


Cindy Tutsch, Chris Blake, Williams Costa Jr., host Bettina Krause, and Kendra Haloviak on the set of "Intersection: Your Faith, Your World." The new panel discussion show is produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. [Megan Brauner/ANN]

The roundtable program, initiated by world church President Jan Paulsen, will cover a range of topics including "Christians in a Culture of Indifference," "Becoming What We Watch," "Does Marriage Still Matter?" "Why Study the Bible?" and "The Art of Forgiveness" and "Christians and Politics."

The program is meant to serve as a starting point for discussions in small groups, Bible studies and Saturday morning classes, said Williams Costa Jr., the church's associate director for media production.
Dabrowski said the programs will also serve the purpose of introducing viewers unfamiliar with Adventism to the church's perspectives on issues.
"An exchange of views by experts will provide an open look, we hope, into what we think and how we approach our world as Adventists," he said.
Bettina Krause, senior producer for Intersection, will host the shows. The panels will consist of Adventist commentators, academics and professionals.
Information on program times can be found at the Intersection Web site and at www.hopetv.org.