February 18, 2009

You're Not Helpless--Go Do Something!

You’re Not Helpless—Go Do Something!

BY JIMMY PHILLIPS                                                                                                                    [Main Story]
capOK, so this isn’t a one-sided quick fix. As a young adult seeking to be passionately engaged in a church, here are a few ways you can be proactive about your spiritual community.

• Vet potential churches. When interviewing for a job in a new location, it’s common to scope out schools, housing, and community. Before making a move to a new area, prayerfully check out area church options as well. Just one visit can tell you a lot. If you are committed to being part of a church, doing a little homework on local churches is an important way to help you find a spiritual community you’ll stick with.

• Extend the community. A true community worships together, works together, and plays together. Don’t wait for it to happen. Organize a church team for the city softball league, coordinate regular outreach projects, or facilitate a weekly Bible study. You don’t need anyone’s permission to put yourself out there.

• Don’t wait for them. If we expect older generations to reach out to us with unconditional acceptance, we need to reciprocate. Strike up a conversation, help with yard work, 
or invite someone over for a meal (even if you have to order takeout). You will be surprised at how blessed you are by new and unexpected friendships.