November 26, 2008

What is Your Favorite Attribute if God?

What is Your Favorite Attribute of God?
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“My favorite attribute of God is His faithfulness. He does not make false or empty promises. He always follows through.”

Margaret Moloney
Atlanta, Georgia
“God stayed with me those many years I was fighting myself. He was faithful and brought me through it . . . to Himself. I am so thankful.”
Barbara Stricker
New Port Richey, Florida
“God’s leadership impresses me most. He flexes divine authority in becoming the epitome of vulnerability—a human baby. Perfect vulner-
ability chases out all fear.”
Stacie Belmonte
San Bernardino, California
“I love how He notices everything, not as an enforcing vigilante, but as an infinitely caring Father who is touched by everything about His children.”
Bob Mason
McKinleyville, California
“God’s special attribute is mercy—extended to all . . . even to those who do not ask for it.”
Lori Kendrick
Williamson County, Texas
“Jesus said: ‘If you have seen me you have seen the Father.’ Really? God washing a dozen pairs of dirty feet? Wow! What a God!”
Mark Merizan
Sherwood, Oregon
“As I look back over the way-too-many times I crashed and burned with my addictions and other issues, I am especially grateful to God for His patience.”
Mike Jones
Portland, Oregon
“I messed up—again.
Hiding, I peek through tears of shame; He beckons with outstretched arms.
Tears of shame, tears of joy.
Bill Edwards
Big Lake, Minnesota
“Love takes a great and powerful God and brings Him up close and personal to me.”
Randy Howard
Georgetown, Delaware
“Being a short-tempered person, the attribute I most appreciate in God is His long-suffering.”
Heather Bartley
Sunrise, Florida
“God cares enough about me to meet my unnecessary needs—just because He wants me to feel happy and loved!”
Robert N. Knickerbocker
Laurel, Maryland
“While as far from Him as I thought possible, on a classified reconnaissance on the border of Burma, the Voice of Prophecy radio program came through my Army radio. I looked up through the trees and said, ‘OK, God, I’m on my way back! Thanks for Your hound-dog search for me!’”
Dennis Lowrimore
Highland, Utah