January 7, 2009

Where is the Bride?

capIn less than two minutes, you can get a sense of Adventist Review's renewed focus: to offer hope and inspiration to those "still waiting" for the Second Coming of Jesus.


Our new video, "Where is the Bride?" available via YouTube, portrays a groom waiting at the altar, only to see his intended not show up. Disconsolate, he (and the congregation) find solace in the Review's message of hope.

The short film, produced by David Brillhart, is part of a new promotional effort by the Review to reach new readers, and longtime subscribers, with the news that the redesigned magazine, which has appeared in print since 1849, is one they should read and subscribe to. The video ends with the current subscription offer.

Readers are encouraged to forward the video to friends and others who might be interested. It's anticipated that other messages will be released periodically. To embed the video on your Web site, click on the up arrow located on the lower right corner of the video.