October 13, 2008

Annual Council 2008

capMore than 300 members of the General Conference Executive Committee, the highest ruling body of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, are gathering in Manila, Philippines, for the committee's Annual Council October 10-16. The main purpose of Annual Council, one of two regular business sessions of the committee, is to hear institutional and departmental reports, vote changes in church policy, and approve the church's world budget.

As a service to our readers, the Adventist Review presents ongoing coverage of the meetings with a series of daily reports, commentaries, and other resources.

New Grants for Adventist Researchers Approved
Church wants to promote scholars, solutions; leaders also delegate education oversight locally.

GC Committee Seeks Major Administrative Changes
Proposals seek to change departmental structures and hiring practices.

Church Budget Adjusts For Tough Financial Times
GC eyes hiring freeze, pledges prudence.

New leadership for Southern Asia and North America.
World membership totals nearly 16 million.

‘Mission of Hope’ is the theme.

Traveling Bible Begins Worldwide Trip to Promote Scripture Study
Two-year trek destined for Adventist Church world session in Atlanta; about 50 percent of membership read Bible regularly.