July 10, 2008

Resources to"Tool" Us for Ministry

Happy Family Bible Seminar
2008 1520 page16Evangelism in North America has usually focused on prophecy, but in other parts of the world Adventist evangelism sometimes takes a different tack. In the Caribbean and Latin America the key theme is often the family. A growing number of local churches in North America are looking for a similar approach, so it’s a good thing that some of the resources developed in the Inter-American Division are now available for use in North America.
The Happy Family Bible Seminar uses a methodology very much like the Revelation Seminar, only the material has a different theme. There are 21 lessons, and each merges a practical topic about family life with a compatible Bible doctrine. This seminar strengthens families at the same time that it introduces Adventist teachings.
The lessons can be used in a seminar format led by a pastor or in small groups led by church members. There’s a leader’s manual to go with the lessons, as well as an introductory DVD. The author is Gordon Martinborough, a veteran Adventist pastor, evangelist, and ministerial director in the Caribbean and Central America who has field-tested this approach and honed its effectiveness.
You can get these materials via www.happyfamilybsi.com or by e-mail: [email protected].
Adventist Mission in the Postmodern World
2008 1520 page16Postmodernism and the “emergent church” has been the subject of a lot of discussion in some quarters. For the first time one of our senior Bible scholars has addressed the situation in detail in a book published by Pacific Press Publishing Association. Everlasting Gospel, Everchanging World is written by Jon Paulien, former New Testament professor at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University and now dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University.
This is a “must-read” for anyone interested in this topic or in moving beyond our usual methods of outreach and evangelism in the developed countries of North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Paulien’s book is well grounded in Scripture and the writings of Ellen White, as well as current trends and realities. It is also very practical with specific suggestions that can be used in public evangelism, church ministries, and individual witnessing.
You can get this book at camp meeting this summer or from your Adventist Book Center or (800) 765-6955.
Winsome Witnessing
2008 1520 page16This is a very practical little book that in readable language lays out the personal evangelism methods most widely used among Seventh-day Adventists today. It is packed with suggestions and “how-to” information. Author Gary Gibbs is part of the staff of the Hope Channel at the Adventist Television Network (ATN) and conducts training on personal witnessing around the world.
Evangelism methods outlined in older books but still used today are brought into this volume and presented in fewer words and more understandable language. This resource can be used as a textbook by pastors and local church lay leaders who want to conduct a class on personal evangelism. It has many illustrations from Gibbs’ considerable experience in evangelism and training.
You can get copies of this book in most Adventist Book Centers or from Seminars Unlimited at (800) 982-3344. You can also purchase Winsome Studies in Prophecy study notes on CD from the Hope Channel by calling 301-680-6689.
African-American Missionaries
2008 1520 page16A significant number of the missionaries who have gone from the United States to the rest of the world have been people of color. The stories of 80 of these missionaries have been collected in a new book titled Precious Memories of Missionaries of Color, by Carol Hammond. A complete listing in the appendix includes 183 individuals. There are sections of old photos, most never published before, as well as reproductions of letters, and so forth. Most important are the stories, many of them short enough to read as a mission report in Sabbath school.
If you want some of the untold history of the Adventist movement, this is a book for you. Copies can be obtained in some Adventist Book Centers and directly from the publisher, WinePress Publishing Group.
Monte Sahlin is director of research and special projects for the Ohio Conference. He also serves as chair of a team that is developing a comprehensive discipleship curriculum for NAD Church Resources. You can suggest resources to him at msahlin@creative
ministry.org or (800) 272-4664.