December 26, 2007

Taking Our Message to the World

2007 1536 page24 cap GREAT WORK IS TO BE DONE IN THE world, and those who have had advanced light and many opportunities are under obligations to let their light shine forth to those who are in the darkness of error. . . .
The Grace of Graces
The Lord is in need of workers who will push the triumphs of the cross of Christ. Jesus calls for every sincere, loyal disciple to engage faithfully in His service. In every department of the cause of God, there is need of men and women who have sympathy for the woes of humanity. . . .
Everyone who is under the influence of the Spirit of God will become transformed by His grace. It is our privilege to bring the love of Jesus into our lives while in our associations with those for whom Christ died. Even if not sympathetic by nature, every true Christian will manifest love, the crowning grace of all graces. Says the Savior, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”
2007 1536 page24Love is fruit of the richest, purest flavor, and the actions that flow from high and holy motives tend to the development and enlargement of personal piety; they give evidence that our faith and practice, though not in harmony with the Christian world, are not contrary to the law and to the testimony. Jesus said of His followers, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”
The Way of the Lord
Inquire prayerfully, while you search the Scriptures diligently, “What service has the Lord enjoined upon me?” One thing is certain, we must keep the way of the Lord, and not imagine our own ways perfect. Individually, we must place ourselves in a position not to command, but to act; to do something and to do it now. Those who are connected with the work of God as leaders in some special place are under the same obligation to be as diligent in their line of duty as they require others to be in their line. When they know by experience the various difficulties to be overcome, they will not expect too much of others. As they impart instruction to others in practical godliness, they will gain a better knowledge of how to educate others to work.
It requires wisdom from God to devise methods, to lift the burdens of perplexity, and to vary plans to make them more successful in reaching souls under different circumstances. We are fearfully behind in the improvement of our intrusted talents. The religion of the Bible alone is able to save the soul.
While we are encased in self-righteousness, and trust in ceremonies, and depend on rigid rules, we cannot do the work for this time. We must rise above the frosty atmosphere in which we have hitherto lived, and with which Satan would surround our souls, and breathe in the hallowed atmosphere of heaven. . . . How many of us believe the Word of God? How many are giving self without reserve to His service, sinking their ways and their spirit into God’s ways and His Spirit? Are we doing missionary work in the spirit of Jesus? . . .
We would study, plan, and pray to God for wisdom and grace, that we might save the souls in the highways and broadways of life. The Holy Spirit of God must come into our hearts, to sanctify our souls, and to arouse our entire beings to earnest action. We must drink deeper of the spirit of the message; we must realize the situation in which we are placed. The end is near!
Seventh-day Adventists believe Ellen G. White exercised the biblical gift of prophecy during more than 70 years of public ministry. This article is excerpted from one that first appeared in the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, now the Adventist Review, May 6, 1890.