November 21, 2007

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Maran, Dowers Honored With Adventist Communications Awards                                                            [ Main Story ]
capThe Society of Adventist Communicators gave Kimberly Luste Maran, Assistant Editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines, the 2007 Young Professional award during their 2007 convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Kimberly Luste Maran 

“Through a variety of communication pursuits, Kimberly has distinguished herself as not only a thoughtful writer, editor and presenter, but also as an ambassador for both the church and her profession,” the group said in giving her the award. “She deserves recognition for her commitment to the next generation of communicators and her ever-present commitment to excellence in communication.”

Dick and Nadine Dower, veteran Seventh-day Adventist communicators who currently serve as editor and managing editor of the North Pacific Union Conference Gleaner, received the group’s Lifetime Achievement honor.
“Dick’s passion for gaining and maintaining relationships has enabled him to share the heart and soul of what it means to be an Adventist in the real world,” the award noted.
2007 1533 AN2

Dick Dower 

“From black-leather bikers sharing Christ as they motor across the country, to a professional fishing guide in Alaska, fighting to keep the Sabbath even during the busy summer season, Dick has brought the extraordinary power of God working through ordinary people to the pages of the Gleaner, and other Adventist publications.”

Of Mrs. Dower, the group noted, “With her careful insistence to detail, Nadine is the quintessential counterpart to Dick. She has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain a communication partnership throughout North America that has promoted the mission of many Adventist ministries while at the same time strengthening the potential of every union paper.”
Southern Adventist University student Melanie Eddlemon was honored with the Student Award, in recognition of having “proven herself as a compassionate communicator through writing, producing and photography,” according to SAC. Her work has been featured in Insight magazine; Southern Columns, the university alumni magazine; and Southern Accents, the union paper, among other outlets.
2007 1533 AN2

Nadine Dower 

An Award of Excellence was given to “Lifelines,” a series of public-service radio health spots produced by the church’s North American Division. “Even after eight years, the Lifelines team has kept the content fresh and relevant without becoming cliché,” judges said.

Attendees of the SAC convention nominate people and projects for the group’s awards, which are then voted by a committee. The 2007 judging tem consisted of communications and public relations professionals from Lincoln, Nebraska, led by Jacque Smith, director of public relations for Adventist Church-owned Union College.
               — Mark A. Kellner, News Editor, with reporting from the Society of Adventist Communicators