August 8, 2007

Gielle's Journal

June 13, 2007
My life has been pretty crazy in the past weeks. I had a fever and a lot of allergies, and I ate something that made my tummy ache, too. At least I am much better now. God is helping me.
June 15, 2007
This is Mom . . .
Please pray for Gielle. We are going to do some blood tests today. The left side of her abdomen is hurting and causing us all to worry. Last night I could not sleep well because I was so worried about Gielle, so I asked God to help me. He gave me a very peaceful dream and reminded me to be patient. I woke up feeling rested, and I was so thankful to God for helping me cope.
June 16, 2007
2007 1523 page17This is Mom . . .
I called Dr. Warsi and she does not know what Gielle has and suggested we take her to the pediatrician. Since it is the weekend we will have to wait until Monday. If the pain gets worse we will go to the emergency room. I really trust that the Lord will protect Gielle. However, it is hard to remember what we went through two years ago, with the same symptoms.
June 20, 2007
Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I went to my pediatrician today. She wants me to have a CT scan. My oncologist thinks it is an emergency so we have to go to the ER in Ann Arbor early morning tomorrow. Please pray for me.
June 21, 2007
Hi! Today we went to the ER in Ann Arbor. I got a poke (no biggie), and the blood samples were all right. I was happy about that. They also did a CT scan, and the results came back. They want my parents to do a close observation of me for the next few weeks. They gave me meds, and hopefully that will help.
July 3, 2007
This is Mom . . .
Two weeks ago we were so scared because of Gielle’s symptoms. We cried a lot the night before we went to the hospital because her symptoms were so similar to the ones before her cancer diagnosis. We put our hands on her and prayed that Jesus’ will be done in her life. It is not easy to keep all the memories away. I know that my heavenly Father is the Great Physician, the Creator, the Almighty, and He has already given her to me for two extra years. I should be thankful for her life every day and just praise Him with all my heart.
Gielle’s symptoms have decreased and all the labs and scans were normal, but we should continue to observe. Gielle has been calm and so strong in her faith, and it amazes me. She trusts in Jesus so much that she does not even worry about her symptoms. She is sure God has cured her. That is why we should be like children to enter into the kingdom of God, with such strong faith that can move mountains! I pray that God will strengthen my faith. I have seen so many miracles, why should I worry? God certainly loves us, and He will provide all our emotional and physical needs.
Editor’s Note: Gielle Kuhn was diagnosed in September 2005 with Burkitt’s lymphoma, an aggressive cancer.