August 8, 2007

Prime Time

Prime Time                                    [MAIN STORY]

The young adult ministries at The Shepherd’s House


capAs the Wausau church began to turn to focusing on reaching young adults in our community, three unique ministries were developed. The first focused on the principle that young adults need to belong before they believe. The second was built on the importance in the young adult culture to impact society by addressing the needs of others around them in a tangible way. The third was to open an avenue to allow young adults to explore a deeper spiritual life in a nonthreatening way.

PrimeTime hangs out. Each month a local restaurant is selected by the PrimeTime leadership team for a Saturday night out. This is a great time to get acquainted and meet new people. First timers to PrimeTime often make this their initial introduction to The Shepherd’s House young adult group. Each person pays their own way and orders whatever they wish. No judgments are made. Usually the dinner together lasts a couple of hours and gives a chance for people to know each other better. Shepherd’s House teenagers often offer babysitting to participating parents when the PrimeTime goes out. This makes it easy for parents with small children to have a time out away from the needs of their little ones.

PrimeTime gets involved. Short-term community projects give PrimeTime participants opportunities to help others in our community. Events might include having a “baby shower” party for homeless, teenaged mothers who could use a lot of help with getting baby clothes, baby furniture, and diapers. Or there might be a fall leaf raking day to help the shut-ins with their yards. Or there could be a project to assist a family move, who without help would be stuck. Genuine service to help others fulfills a personal value commitment in the hearts of young adults. They are eager to get involved.

PrimeTime gets spiritual. One unique weekly ministry event occurs when PrimeTime holds its Sabbath morning Bible Book Club at the local Barnes & Noble. Each week from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. (during Sabbath school), PrimeTime hosts a Bible Book Club, using some selected Christian books available right off the shelf at Barnes & Noble. The book club is open to anyone, but has become a great place for people to come and explore what it means to know God personally without feeling any pressure to join a church. All opinions and spiritual interests are welcome. People are free to share their concerns about God and what they may be experiencing in their own struggles with faith. This growing group is an easy and safe place for those who are unsure of what they believe and would like to know more. Leaders are not in a teaching role at Barnes & Noble, but rather take the position of simply being fellow travelers. Leaders understand and are open to letting each participant work on their own path to God. The outreach has resulted in participants joining our church.