June 11, 2007

Gielle's Journal

March 22, 2007
I’ve started flute lessons, so my lungs will get stronger. It is really a lovely instrument! Also, I am taking harp and piano lessons. It is hard work practicing them each day!
I hope spring comes soon. I love sunny days; they make me happy. But even if it isn’t spring, I should remember that every minute of my life is a constant reminder of a miracle Jesus made in me.
April 8, 2007
This is Mom . . .
In these past two years it feels like we have lived in Jesus’ time, when He healed the sick, brought people back to life, and taught lessons of hope and how great God’s love is. We have felt this amazing Jesus so close to us, holding our hands, crying with us, healing us, guiding us, and protecting us.
As I look back I can see how God has preserved Gielle’s life, given her health, healed our wounded hearts and minds, restored our family, and given us more than we ever thought or dreamed. I can testify today of God’s miracles and love.
2007 1517 page17April 13, 2007
This is Mom . . .
My husband and I had a meeting with the counselor. Gielle’s cognitive tests were normal, and we praise God for that. We will keep monitoring her progress.
April 20, 2007
I took a school picture, and we were comparing it to another one of when I started to get sick. Wow, a lot of change! I keep thanking God for all the blessings He has made in my life.
April 30, 2007
Well, I am sick. I have some kind of infection. I had a fever over the weekend and still have it even today. My eyes have drainage, and I cough a lot.
I saw the doctor today, and she gave me antibiotics, more asthma treatment, and cortisone. I had a chest X-ray. We are happy that it is not pneumonia! My appetite is still good, but I have been coughing all day so I am drinking tons of water. I know I will feel better soon.
May 4, 2007
This is Mom . . .
Today was Grandmother’s birthday. She is such a special woman—loving and caring. I don’t know what we would have done without her, mostly during Gielle’s illness. Grandma and Gielle are such special friends! It is such a blessing to have her in our lives.
Gielle’s harp is celebrating its 1-year anniversary. One year ago Make-a-Wish Foundation gave her this special gift, and we thank God for the blessings of happiness and healing that it has brought to our home. Exactly a year ago, Gielle smiled (the way she used to smile before she got sick) for the first time when she saw her own harp! Her treatment was over, and we were heading to remission. The harp has certainly meant one more miracle in Gielle’s life. I love hearing Gielle play her harp. I wonder how it will be to be in heaven and hear the angels play harps!
May 10, 2007
My, how beautiful are all the flowers here in Michigan! I love to see that. Even though the tulips and other flowers die with the hardship of the cold winter, they come back beautifully the next spring, sometimes even prettier than the spring before. It reminds us all that God takes care of even the flowers. Imagine how He takes care of us!
Editor’s Note: Gielle Kuhn was diagnosed in September 2005 with Burkitt’s lymphoma, an aggressive B-cell lymphoma.