April 20, 2007

Adventist News 4

Amazing Facts and 3ABN to Unite Ministries

capAmazing Facts and Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) on April 19 announced plans to unite the two international Christian media ministries. The boards of directors of both ministries unanimously approved the venture that will join the ministries under a new board and constituency, creating a new global platform for evangelism.
For the immediate future, both ministries will continue regular operations. The ultimate goal, however, is to optimize evangelistic impact to the world by consolidating these global operations, leading to more efficient service to the body of Christ and better stewardship of resources.
“This union of two dynamic ministries represents a miraculous milestone to fulfill the great commission, forging an impressive team who bring their unique talents and assets to the same table,” says Amazing Facts president Doug Batchelor. “By joining hands, we will surely see greater effectiveness and economy in spreading the gospel to the world.”
Danny Shelton, 3ABN president, adds, “We’re excited about this development, which will accelerate an array of evangelistic services to reach the multitudes. . . . Time is short—we need to maximize our efforts to reach lost souls.”
Beginning with a 15-minute radio broadcast in 1966, Amazing Facts has provided strong evangelistic ministry for more than 40 years through an array of services that include evangelistic training using the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, a team of traveling evangelists, publishing, radio and television broadcasts, Bible schools, and a popular internet ministry.
Founded in 1984, 3ABN began broadcasting in 1986, and now transmits its signal to nine satellites that carry it to every inhabited continent with a potential viewing audience of hundreds of millions. The second largest Christian network in North America (in numbers of owned and operated UHF stations), 3ABN also has full-power stations in Papua New Guinea, Uganda, and the Philippines.
For more information, go to www.amazingfacts.org
                                                                                                                                    —Amazing Facts/AR