January 17, 2007

Focus on Mission

capThe Seventh-day Adventist Church has a clear compelling mission, to spread the gospel of Christ around the world.  As we pursue this God-given mandate what are the opportunities and challenges? How do we face the difficulties of sharing the gospel in a post-modern world? The following articles share insights on the challenges church leaders and members face as they "go into all the world."

Mission in a Broken World
A commentary from Adventist Review editor William G. Johnsson

Evangelism Yes! But Also Mission
A conversation with the General Conference president Jan Paulsen

United in the Fellowship of Mission
A reading from the 2004 Week of Prayer.

Another Look at City Mission
Many look to Ellen White for counsel on reaching the cities. What did she really say?

Windows on Mission: Opportunities, Threats, and Challenges
A report from the 2000 General Conference Session in Toronto, Ontario

ADRA’s Mission in the End of Time
The relationship between preaching and serving others couldn’t be closer.