December 13, 2006

After the Plunge

After the Plunge                                [MAIN STORY]


capWhat happens once a person accepts Jesus and they join the church through baptism? If you are as fortunate as Cecilia, you’ll find a pretty good support group to keep you learning and growing. While more seasoned church members need to nurture and encourage new believers, there is nothing better than new members taking a proactive approach to their new walk with Christ. Below are some resources that can help:
Connections. This is the North American Division curriculum on spiritual gifts. It is geared toward helping people discover what their talents may be and helping them get involved in ministry. There are materials for eight sessions in a small group or workshop setting, including a textbook, leader’s guide, videos, PowerPoint slides, and self-assessment instruments to identify spiritual gifts and personality style. (Available from AdventSource at; or 800-328-0525.)
Prayer Works. This is a study guide on the basics of prayer. Written by Kurt Johnson, director of the Voice of Prophecy Bible School, this guide works in a small group or personal study. It covers topics such as what prayer is, how to establish a vibrant prayer life, how to develop and maintain a prayer life, and why God does not seem to answer some prayers. (Available at; or 877-955-2525.)
Welcome! Your Church Family Album. Welcome to your new church family! This short book will help new church members learn about the worldwide Adventist Church family. The responsibility to this worldwide family of each church member is highlighted, as are ways to maintain progress in the member’s commitment to Jesus. This book serves to remind new members of their baptism, as well as provide a valuable resource to help find their place in the big, unique Adventist family. (Available at
The Adventist Book Center has a wide variety of resources for members at every level of maturity. From children’s books, DVDs, Christian music CDs, and Bibles to devotionals, cookbooks, Sabbath school helps, and software, your Adventist Book Center has much to offer! Visit your local ABC or go online to see products and tools: .
Your Story
Want to share your conversion story? The Cutting Edge edition of the Adventist Review is looking for articles on how young adults joined the church (or recommitted to their faith). Quirky, dramatic, peaceful, long, short . . . we want your story, and how you continue to worship the Lord as a Seventh-day Adventist (conversion is just the beginning). Send your submissions, which will not be returned, to [email protected], subject line: Cutting Edge article; or Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904.