November 9, 2007

Focus on Prayer

capSeveral Seventh-day Adventist churches are celebrating the Week of Prayer this month. During this week Adventist congregations hold special worship services with an emphasis on connecting with God. To this special season of prayer, the Adventist Review is sharing articles that may help you improve your prayer life.

The Power of Focused Prayer 
Author Carolyn Sutton reveals the benefits of being devoted to up building the kingdom of God.

Proof in Prayer
It makes perfect sense that our Creator would empower us through prayer.

The Myths of Prayer
Might you be spreading them unconsciously or consciously?

My You've-Got-to-be-Kidding Prayers
Just how far does God go to answer a prayer

The Uncomplicated Life
Too busy to connect with God? Try slowing down and plugging in.

The Gentle Whisper
Connecting with the Father in Solitude

What Happens When Leaders Don't Pray
Gavin Anthony reminds us that the church needs leaders who do more than just lead.

2007 Week of Prayer Readings