October 17, 2006

Web Letters

Must Read

By reading Adventist Review’sTop 20 in Their 20s,” (Sept. 14, 2006) even an old man like myself was greatly inspired and blessed. Praise the Lord there is good hope for our precious youth! This should be a “must-read” for all our schools--especially our academies.

Pastor Jeremia Florea
Spring Lake, Michigan

Bright Lights

Bright lights indeed! It delighted my soul to peek into the lives of the 20-something stars featured in your September Cutting Edge edition. What a tremendous testimony to the passion, commitment, and gracefulness of new generations that are serving Jesus in our church.

Each submission reflected the heartfelt affirmations of people who have been impacted by these young role models. The ripple effect of their exceptional lives has not only touched the lives of those who submitted their names, but now have impacted mine as I am encouraged by their examples.
My sneaking suspicion is that there are exponentially more young, stellar lights in our church. Without any desire for accolades or recognition, they are changing the world for Christ. I hope each church will be challenged to seek out these young adults who are undoubtedly shining in their communities. Affirm them, pray for them, support them, and multiply them.
Thank you Review, for sharing light with us. It indeed is a bright sky.
A. Allan Martin
Berrien Springs, Michigan

Spiritual Gift

Opening the Review each week is a spiritual gift from above. Thank you for keeping your priorities straight, and thereby providing your readers the impetus to do the same. My paternal grandmother’s stubby red pencil marked each article she read, sometimes reading deep into the night.

My parent’s Postum table consistently prominently displayed an open copy of the Review. And my copies? They contain yellow highlights for future reference!
Darlene Grunke
Nordland, Washington