October 10, 2006

Sisters for Christ

Sisters for Christ


BY HEATHER-DAWN SMALL and CARLA BAKER                                                             Main Story
Many individuals acknowledge Sisters for Christ as playing an integral role in the nurturing and development of young women. Among these individuals are Heather-Dawn Small, Women’s Ministries director for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and Carla Baker, Women’s Ministries director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.
Below, both women share their thoughts on the importance of the organization.

Heather-Dawn Small

Sisters for Christ is something we have needed for a long time. Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church we have little material for working with our teen girls. When I first saw [Sisters for Christ] I immediately thought of its potential for use throughout the world church.

In Women’s Ministries, one of our goals is to mentor young women. In some divisions they have organized programs for including young women in Women’s Ministries, but there are greater needs. This is why the Sisters for Christ program is so valuable.
Finally we have a planned and well-thought-out program that has been tested and found to be successful. At our division advisory in March of this year, Dolores Allen presented the program to the Women’s Ministries division directors, and they are excited about using it in their own divisions.
Now we feel better equipped to carry out our mandate of mentoring young women, and we know this program will give us the platform we need to connect with our young girls and to assist in their personal growth as young daughters of God.

Carla Baker

I am impressed with the Sisters for Christ multidimensional approach. They educate the whole person. For instance, sexual purity—a much-needed emphasis among all our young people—is fostered by first teaching the girls about their inestimable worth in the eyes of Jesus, thus giving them a basis for healthy self-esteem. They are also taught about women’s health issues including sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. Their attention and energy are directed to healthful activities instead of the ungodly popular culture.

It is not enough to tell our young people what not to do. We must help them confront the negative messages they receive in the media, at school, on the street, and, unfortunately, in their homes. The church must be a safe place for them, a refuge from Satan’s onslaught. Sisters for Christ is providing just that.
I hope the women of every Adventist church in North America will accept the SFC challenge to mentor every girl and young woman in their congregation. Our most powerful tool for saving our young people is caring adults who, united with Christ, are deliberate about providing nurture and encouragement to every young person in their congregation.