October 12, 2006

Annual Council 2006 - 4

Annual Council Begins 
Update 1
October 6, 2006

What’s Happening?
The Adventist Review will be producing three news bulletins (including this one) for Annual Council 2006, which is being held at the Adventist Church’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, October 6-11. The bulletins will be e-mailed to all world division and union offices as well as other church leaders, and will include short news notes highlighting the main events of the council and resolutions voted by the session’s delegates. The next bulletin will be sent out on Monday morning, October 9, and will cover the Sabbath activities and programs as well as the council in business session on Sunday. The final bulletin will be e-mailed on Wednesday following the close of the session.
For more detailed reports watch for upcoming issues of Adventist Review and Adventist World.
What’s the Purpose?
The General Conference Executive Committee, which convenes at Annual Council, votes policy items and statements on social issues, hears reports, elects and appoints personnel, and approves the church’s world budget.
Who Attends?
Two hundred ninety-six Executive Committee members and 61 invitees from around the world will gather for this year’s Annual Council. Included in this number are 36 division officers, 26 GC officers, 5 general field secretaries, 14 GC department directors, 19 representatives of GC institutions and others, 102 presidents of union conferences and missions, 31 pastors and other frontline workers, 38 lay people from the 13 divisions, and 25 others who carry leadership responsibilities throughout the world church. Also invited are the 58 conference presidents and 18 union secretaries and treasurers within the North American Division.
What’s on the Agenda?
The Commission on Ministries, Services, and Structures Report will be one of the top items on this year’s agenda, GC undersecretary Larry R. Evans told the Adventist Review. “We want to send the message that church leadership recognizes the need for flexibility and change,” Evans said. “As the church has grown and become more complex and diverse, greater flexibility in its organization is necessary. We want to establish the church’s core values, which include growth, unity, and quality of life while maintaining our theological identity. Our organizational structure must accommodate these values. Any change will need to be carefully thought through.”
      A presentation on the church’s “Tell the World” initiative is expected to be “a very exciting report,” added Evans. “Mission giving of the church has experienced an almost unprecedented increase, which comes at a very crucial time as doors of opportunity are opening.”
      A GC Secretariat program called “His Hands” will be launched during the session. This initiative’s goal is to empower every Adventist congregation to both send and receive missionaries.
     Other agenda items include the election of a new editor-in-chief of Adventist Review and Adventist World, following current editor William G. Johnsson’s retirement at the end of this year; election of a GC associate secretary to succeed Douglas Clayville, who has chosen to return to pastoral ministry; reports from the GC secretary and treasurer; and a discussion about Adventist Church Web sites available to the world field.   
When Does It Begin?
The session opens Friday evening with an address by Breath of Life director Walter L. Pearson, Jr. Sabbath morning activities will include a message from GC president Jan Paulsen titled “Service—An Attitude.” A report from Adventist Mission will follow in the afternoon.
Adventist World Needs Writers
Adventist World, the international paper for Seventh-day Adventists, needs more writers. If you have a personal experience, moving story, or inspirational thought that you are willing to write about, please e-mail it to [email protected] or mail to Adventist World, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA. During Annual Council, copies of “Guidelines for Writing” for Adventist World are available in the GC Atrium on the distribution tables, or request them by sending an e-mail to [email protected]
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