November 6, 2009

Making Church User-Friendly

capAmong the hallmarks of successful churches, is the ability to make visitors feel at home,
creatively engage young families, and reconnect with inactive members. As the service to
our readers, the Adventist Review offers several articles that help make churches user-friendly. 

 Cutting the Cringe Factor

Are our worship services "visitor friendly"?


Creating a Family-friendly Church

If their church doesn't love kids, how will they know Jesus does?

Why Men Hate Church
What can the church do to attract men? 

Churches Observed

What happens when visitors walk through your church door?


Where are the Young Families?

Four suggestions for filling those empty pews.


Eight Habits of Highly Effective Reconnecting Congregations

What are churches doing to reconnect with inactive members?


Giving Church a Friendly Feel
Helpful hints to make your church warm and inviting.

Seven Secrets of Healthy Churches
Does your church fit the bill?