August 10, 2006

Adventist News

New Milestone Reached for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network


capThe Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) consecrated its new facility on Sabbath, July 8, in conjunction with the organization’s tenth anniversary. The broadcast station has been developed to air around-the-clock Christian programming to countries throughout the world.
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DEDICATION: More than 500 people attended the dedication of the new LLBN facility. [Courtesy of Craig Seheult]

Seventeen months earlier, the lot where the new LLBN building now stands housed a tin metal shed surrounded by weeds. The construction of the new facility was the result of almost $400,000 in freewill donations, and thousands of hours of labor by more than 70 volunteers ranging in age from 8 to 91.

“At first I kept wondering what we had gotten ourselves into,” said Ganim Hanna, president and CEO of LLBN. “But every Sunday when I went to the site, volunteers kept turning up with their tools in hand, asking where they could help. After about three months, I finally stopped worrying and realized God had His hand in this project, just like He always has at LLBN.”
This nonprofit organization has been grateful to the Loma Linda University Church for providing them with space to operate from in the past ten years, and the new 3,000-square-foot facility with five sound stages will allow LLBN to reach new levels of operation and production. The broadcast facility is also networked to the campus of Loma Linda University and Medical Center, and plans are underway for LLBN to carry health and lifestyle programming from these institutions.
                                                                                                               --LLBN Communication Department/AR.

ADRA Responds to Middle East Crisis

As armed hostilities between Israeli and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon continue, the
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) staff and volunteers in Beirut are providing emergency food, bedding, shelter, and basic necessities for displaced families.
According to the most recently estimates from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has forced 700,000 to 800,000 people from their homes in Lebanon to seek shelter in Beirut and other parts of the country, with a further 150,000 having fled into neighboring countries. These numbers are expected to rise.
ADRA is in daily coordination with the United Nations and other international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and is establishing a broad emergency feeding program that will impact thousands of displaced people in Beirut over the coming months.
“ADRA's emergency relief operation in Lebanon is growing,” says Charles Sandefur, president of ADRA International. “We are in Lebanon for the long-haul, and I expect that ADRA’s work will impact on many thousands of displaced families in the coming months.”
Kjell Aune, ADRA board chair in the Middle East and president of the Middle East Union, says, “A considerable number [of displaced people in Lebanon] have taken refuge in a church school in West Beirut, and we want to help these and others with life essentials.”
Along with ADRA’s response in Lebanon, Raafat Kamal, ADRA’s director for that region, is closely monitoring the humanitarian needs in Israel, and the agency is ready and willing to respond there should the opportunity arise.
ADRA is appealing for donations for its response to the Middle East crisis. To donate, call 800-424-ADRA (2372), or click here.                                                      ---Adventist Development and Relief Agency/AR.

United States: 100-Year-Old Grandfather Baptized

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NOT ONLY FOR THE YOUNG: One-hundred-year-old Pablo Cruz was baptized as a member of the Wilson, North Carolina, Adventist church. Pastor Alberto Treiyer, and his wife, Lily, stand next to him. [Photo: Alberto Treiyer]

While most of those baptized in the Adventist Church are young adults, teenagers, or those in midlife, Pablo Cruz is one exception.

One-hundred-year-old Cruz was born June 7, 1906, in Veracruz, Mexico, and was only 9 years old when Ellen G. White died at the age of 88. Although raised in a different church, Cruz became a diligent Bible reader and student a few years ago. He decided to join the Adventist Church, and after consulting with ministerial colleagues, Alberto R. Treiyer, an Adventist pastor for the South Atlantic Conference, determined that at age 100, Cruz was ready for baptism.
The ceremony took place in Wilson, North Carolina, on July 22.                                                 ---Adventist News Network/AR.

FLORIDA: Former GC Director Dies

Ernest H. J. Steed, former  director of the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (ICPA) in the General Conference Health and Temperance  Department  before his retirement in 1988, passed away on Tuesday, July 25, 2006, in Debary, Florida, after a brief illness. He served in the GC Health and Temperance Department since 1966, and previously as Temperance director for the Australasian Division (now named the South Pacific Division). Ernest Steed is the father of Lincoln Steed, editor of Libertymagazine.                                                                                                                 —AR.

UNITED KINGDOM: New BUC President Elected

Delegates at the sixth Quinquennial Session of the British Union Conference (BUC) voted on July 27 to elect Donald W. McFarlane as the union’s new president. McFarlane succeeds Cecil R. Perry, who has served as BUC president for the last 15 years¯the longest serving president in the history of BUC, according to conference officials. McFarlane is currently Field secretary and director of the Global Mission and Stewardship departments at the Trans-European Division.     
                                                                               —British Union Conference Communication Department/AR.

News Notes:
Debra Fryson, an associate superintendent of education for the Southern Union Conference, has been appointed associate director for Curriculum Development and Elementary Education for the North American Division. She succeeds Erma Lee, who is retiring on October 1.                     
                                                                                                                     —From the Desk of Don Schneider/AR.

The evangelism offering taken at the Central California Conference camp meeting, held July 13-22, exceeded $2 million. The conference officers are calling for a special season of prayer to ask for the Lord’s guidance in administering the funds.                                           —From the Desk of Don Schnieder/AR.