August 3, 2006

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New Sabbath School Curriculum
to Target Young Adults


capReading the Bible can sometimes feel like walking into a fog to them,” said Kathy Beagles, editor and curriculum specialist of the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department, regarding the many young adults who feel alienated from the Bible and its stories.
It’s that disconnect that a new version of Cornerstone Connection--the official Sabbath school curriculum for Adventists in high schools worldwide--aims to address and mend. Scheduled for release in January of 2007, the quarterly series is designed to be an in-depth, Genesis-to-Revelation study of the Bible. The new curriculum will replace the 30-plus-year-old version of Cornerstone Connection that, with its dated design and lesson format, Beagles says “is losing most young people.”
To supplement the lesson plans, the Ellen G. White Estate has recently authorized an adaptation of the Conflict of the Ages series. The adaptations, to be introduced in conjunction with the new Bible study guides, are slated for release by Pacific Press Publishing Association beginning in 2007.
                                                                                                                           —Adventist News Network/AR.

OREGON: Academy Student Publishes Bible Study Book

For her mandatory senior project, Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) senior Lizzie Johnson chose to create a baptismal study guide for fellow teenagers. And she not only created the book titled My Journey With Jesus, but it has now been published.

Johnson’s career goal--to become a pastor--is evidenced by her active participation in numerous school activities, including preaching at local churches and helping others whenever she can.

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YOUNG AUTHOR: Portland Adventist Academy senior Lizzie Johnson displays her newly published book.[Courtesy of Portland Adventist Academy] 

With a senior project looming on the horizon, Johnson began to ponder which direction she wanted to go with her project. She turned to her pastor for advice on ways she could minister to others, particularly her peers. He suggested writing a set of baptismal studies, which became the inspiration for her book. 

Johnson’s 87-page book is themed after a favorite pastime: hiking. Each section, headed by words such as “Base Camp”--the opening question to start the journey--and “GPS--God’s Powerful Scriptures,” is designed to help the reader relate to the journey taken with Jesus.
“I have always found that nature is a wonderful way to feel Jesus’ presence,” explains Johnsson.
After a memorable mission trip to Peru during Spring Break, Johnson decided to return there this summer and use her book to give Bible studies to the people living there.
“I feel God is calling me to minister to the people of Peru, and let them know how much He loves them,” Johnson says. “Everyone deserves to learn of God’s love.”
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INDIA: 3,000 People Helped by Literacy Program

Nearly 3,000 men and women in northeastern India have learned how to read because of the Southern Asia Division’s (SUD) adult literacy program called “Never Too Late to Learn.” The first adult literacy program developed in the division, “Never Too Late to Learn” was first organized in 10 centers in the northeastern region of India in 2001.

“It was a humble beginning,” says Hepzibah Kore, SUD Women’s Ministries director. “With the blessings of God and the generosity of His sons and daughters from NAD, we [have now] completed more than 100 organized centers. Nearly 3,000 women and men from other Christian denominations, Hindus, and Muslims have benefited from this project, along with our believers.”
The literacy program opens up options to women to earn a living and increase their family income. Instruction is also given on healthful living.                                                                               —Mosaic/AR.


What Happens When the Next Seal Is Opened?

, director of spiritual development at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida

These three news reports were collected in just one day--July 18, 2006:

“More than 30 people, most of them civilians, were reported killed in Israeli airstrikes Tuesday, pushing the death toll in Lebanon to more than 250 since the clashes began. . . . So far, 25 Israelis have been reported killed in the conflict, 13 of them civilians.” (Washington Post Foreign Service)
“Desperate villagers and soldiers dug through destroyed homes and hotels today looking for survivors of a tsunami on Indonesia’s Java Island, as the death toll rose to at least 262, officials and media reports said. More than 160 others were missing and at least 23,000 people had fled their homes. . . . The tsunami, triggered by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake, crashed into a 110-mile stretch of the coast Monday without warning” (Associated Press).
“Of more than 10 million children under the age of 5 who die each year, about 1 in 5—an estimated 2 million babies—die within the first 24 hours of life. . . . An additional 1 million babies die during days 2 through 7. A total of 4 million babies die during the first month of life” (“The State of the World’s Mothers,” a report by Save the Children, U.S. Newswire).
Newspapers tell of wars, and the Internet whispers rumors of more wars. TV newscasters describe earthquakes that send tsunamis from the sea and rockfalls from the mountains. Guerilla soldiers torture and kill mothers and children in jungles and deserts. Everyone’s building missiles, one of which may actually do damage in someone’s back yard this afternoon. Every 7 minutes 29 newborn babies die. And did I mention that the ice cap looks like a day-old snow cone?
We may be closer than we thought.
“When the Lamb opened the [next] seal, I saw…” (Revelation 6).