September 21, 2007

Focus on Youth Ministry


capAmajor reason for the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is its ability to nurture its youth. In many places, the church is largely a young church with young adults taking major leadership responsibilities. Many say the church's ability to minister to youth in the 21st century will play a key role in the future of Adventism. This week the Adventist Review presents articles that explore issues surrounding youth ministry and show the impact Adventist youth are having on the world around them.


Young Adventist Pioneers

From the very beginning, the Adventist Church was organized
and established with the strength and energy of young adults (2004).

Coming Home
How do we show love to those youth who reject it? Barry Gane
offers his perspective (2004).

A Harbor in Haugesund
Fishing for young believers on the coast of Norway (2005).

We Gather Together
Can specialized worship services detract from traditional worship services?
Review associate editor Bill Knott shares his convictions (2003).

Young Adults Respond to a Changing World
In the midst of the 911 tragedy, Adventist youth responded with urgency
and ferver. Read their story (2001).

GOD Encounters
Get more information about this annual youth ministry conference (2005).

General Youth Conference Calls Youth to Evangelism  
More than 1,200 youth and young adults gather in California for evangelism training and experience (2005).