July 20, 2006

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OHIO: SVA “Shares the Son” in Honduras


capDuring Spring Break in March, 16 other students and I from Spring Valley Academy in Centerville, Ohio, along with 12 adult sponsors, went on a mission trip we called “Sharing the Son” to Santa Barbara, Honduras. For 12 days the REACH International Children’s Home there was our home away from home.
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SERVING TOGETHER: Students and sponsors from Spring Valley Academy helped construct a boys’ dorm in Honduras. [SVA photo]

The orphans at the hogar (the Spanish word for “home”) were excited to host us. They showered us with hugs and kisses and gave up their own bedrooms so we could be comfortable. They prepared special food just for us. We were amazed to receive so much love from people who have so little in material possessions.

Our main goal was to complete Phase I of constructing a boys’ dorm for them. By the end of the trip our group had laid more than 1,300 concrete blocks, finishing the first five courses of the interior and exterior walls for the dorm. Some students remained at the hogar and worked in the bakery and kitchen, while others were assigned to travel into Santa Barbara to assist at the REACH daycare facility for the poorest families in the city. Laurel Teller, a teaching assistant from Centerville on assignment in Honduras, asked us to paint the kindergarten room. We bought yellow and green paint and left behind a vibrant room for Laurel and her students, complete with a floral border and a giraffe measuring chart. 
One Sabbath afternoon, accompanied by the orphans, our group distributed personal hygiene supplies and toys in the local village. The orphans guided us on the trails up the mountain and by the river to show us the way to these mud-floor homes—many without doors, running water, and electricity.
My journey to Honduras was one of the highlights of my life. If I could go back there today, I would go in a heartbeat!
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                                                                                       —Kylie Schnell, senior, Spring Valley Academy/AR.

Two Adventist Women Drown in
Washington's State's Wenatchee River
Two young Adventist women, Meghan Doggett, 21, and Mindy Cosaert, 16, drowned in the Wenatchee river rapids near Leavenworth, Washington, on July 15.
Cosaert and Liza Vargas, also 16, were attempting to cross the river when they were caught in the unexpectedly strong current and swept downstream through rapids. The girls were part of an informal group of 12 to 15 youth from area Seventh-day Adventist churches in Wenatchee, Washington, reports youth pastor Michael Dauncey.
Doggett, leader of the Wenatchee Adventist Curch youth group, entered the water in an effort to rescue them but was also caught in the current. Vargas survived the ordeal with scratches and bruises. The other girls traveled about a mile down the rapids before their bodies were retrieved, Dauncey said. CPR was administered on site before ambulances rushed the girls to Central Washington Hospital. Doggett was pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon (July 16) , and Cosaert was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning (July 18). 
Mindy Cosaert is the daughter of Walla Walla College professor of theology Carl Cosaert and his wife, Carol. The Cosaerts have three other children. Meghan Doggett has a birth family, a foster family, and Mark and Wendy Witas, who have cared for her for the past three years. Mark Witas is the Cascade Christian Academy principal in Wenatchee, Washington.

                                                                  --North Pacific Union Conference Communication Department/AR