November 7, 2008

Ministering to Singles

capStatistics show that the number of single people is growing. Their numbers are increasing in Seventh-day Adventist congregations in North America and around the world. How can the Adventist Church minister to this growing audience--an audience that will affect the church's future? The follow articles, from the Adventist Review archives, offer a few insights.   
Maintaining Christian integrity as a single can be difficult, but Stephanie Swilley offers helpful insights on keeping the faith. (printed 2001)
Why Christian Men Aren't Dating
What's going on with guys these days? (2007)

Let's Get Started
 We have a valuable and integral resource in our young people. (2007)

What is life like from a single's perspective? How should the church relate to them? (printed 2004) 

These are probably the biggest questions young singles are asking today. Joshua Harris shares some answers. (printed 2001)
If you think being single is tough, just imagine what its like being a single parent. Now here's a mission field that's close to home. (printed 2001)
Here they come, wearing body jewelry and painted toenails. What happens when non-traditional singles show up at your church on Sabbath morning? (printed 2001)
It really wasn't her idea, but God planned a unique ministry for Conne Vandeman Jeffery. (printed 2003)