June 2, 2006

Adventist News

“Hope for Big Cities” Target Selected, Must Remain Secret


capAcity with approximately 14 million residents—but a very small Seventh-day Adventist presence—is the new target for the world church’s “Hope for Big Cities” outreach, says Michael L. Ryan, a general vice president of the world church.
Because this city and country are predominantly non-Christian, the name of the city “is best left unsaid,” explained Ryan. He added, however, that the church in that region has designated the city as “a high priority place” for evangelism.
“Local church leaders acknowledged there has been an Adventist presence in the city for over 100 years,” Ryan said. “Today, we have 106 congregations there, averaging one new congregation per year, and the goal over the next five years is to make that number double.”
Ryan said the church there expects to bring in as many as 9,000 new members. This target city is only one of 55 of the world’s largest cities that will see gospel outreach programs by the Adventist church in the coming years.                                                                                              —Adventist News Network/AR.

TENNESSEE: Southern Adventist University
Joins Hispanic Association
As a new associate member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and the only affiliated university in Tennessee, Southern Adventist University can better meet the Christian educational needs of the Hispanic community.
As an associate member of HACU, additional scholarship and internship opportunities will now be available to Hispanic students enrolled at Southern, allowing the school to better serve the growing Hispanic community of the Southern Union Conference.
More than 450 colleges and universities are affiliated with HACU, a national advocate for the needs of Hispanics in higher education. HACU provides institutions and students with various resources for successful higher education through student and faculty development programs, conferences, and technology programs.
In 2005, Southern’s student body was 12 percent Hispanic. In addition to being the sole HACU member in Tennessee, Southern is one of only two Adventist universities in the United States partnered with the organization. More than 2,500 students are enrolled in Southern’s graduate and undergraduate programs. The university is located in Collegedale, Tennessee.
For more information, go to www.southern.edu.
AdventistUniversity Marketing and University Relations Office/AR.

CALIFORNIA: Water Project Helps Establish Ethiopian School
La Sierra University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team received its first shipment of SIFE Water bottles on May 5, kicking off a project in the works since last school year. SIFE Water, the university’s own bottled water label, will be sold at Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente, and other Riverside area establishments, as well as La Sierra University’s cafeteria.
“The proceeds from each million bottles sold will go to fund a different SIFE project,” says La Sierra University senior Warren Sturt, project director for SIFE Water. Profits from the first million bottles will help to establish a high school at the SIFE Learning Village in Ethiopia.

News Notes:  
Victoria Mukerji, associate professor of visual arts at Pacific Union College, has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach at Goa University in India for six months. The Fulbright Scholar Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and aims to foster understanding between countries through scholarly exchanges. Each year about 800 scholars from the United States are awarded lectureships to schools in more than 150 participating countries. In return, about 800 international scholars are sponsored through the program to teach or conduct research in American universities.
                                                                       —Pacific Union College Communication Department/AR.

Birgit Philipsen has recently been appointed as director of Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s (ADRA) Africa regional office, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Philipsen will coordinate program operations and capacity building for ADRA’s development and emergency management programs throughout the 26 countries in Africa where ADRA operates. Previously, Philipsen worked as country director for the ADRA office in Denmark, where she was in charge of managing development and emergency management projects for that country since 2000.                                                                                          —ADRA/AR.
Dave Weigley, president of the Potomac Conference, has been elected president of the Columbia Union Conference, following the retirement of Harold L. Lee. Weigley has been Potomac Conference president since July 2002. Lee served the Adventist Church for almost 40 years. Thirteen of those years he worked for the Columbia Union—five as executive secretary and the last eight as president.