April 27, 2006

Adventist News 2

Adventist Church Promotes Ten Commandments
Day With TV Special and Three New Books

capThe first-ever Ten Commandments Day will be celebrated by Christians across America on May 7. The event is the brainchild of Ron Wexler, founder and CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission—a grassroots coalition with an agenda to counter the secular movement in America and to restore and maintain Judeo-Christian morals in our nation and society.

Many Adventist leaders and lay people have developed enthusiasm for this movement, and in particular, Ten Commandments Day. On May 6 the HOPE Channel will break into its regularly-scheduled programming to bring special reports on the Ten Commandments Day movement in the United States.

The program will feature Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, and John Graz and Jonathan Gallagher of the Adventist Church’s Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department. Mark Finley, an evangelist and a vice president of the Adventist world church, will discuss God’s gift of the Ten Commandments and the role they play in the Christian’s life. Brad Thorp and Gary Gibbs, president and vice president of the Hope Channel, and attorney James Standish, director of legislative affairs for the Adventist Church, will host a question-and-answer segment in which viewers will be encouraged to send their questions by email to [email protected]. Other special guests will include Ron Wexler and Blackie Gonzalez, president and chair of the Ten Commandments Commission.

The HOPE Channel will also include a segment on “Written in the Heart,” a three-day event organized by the Seventh-day Adventist church’s Religious Liberty team that features special seminars, visits to congressional representatives by members of the Adventist Church, and a religious liberty rally on Capitol Hill. For information about the special programming, visit www.hopetv.org, or call (301) 680-6689. The Hope Channel encourages churches to put the petition from the Ten Commandments Commission in their bulletins to get signatures that can then be shipped in bulk for the HOPE Channel to present to the Commission.    

Along with the television special, church members are invited to share their faith with three new books that have been released to coincide with the event. All books have quantity pricing available through Adventist Book Centers everywhere.

The Ten Commandments—What If We Did It God’s Way by Loron Wade and published by the Review and Herald deals with how these ancient principles have powerful implications in our lives. Wade writes, “The Ten Commandments have to get off the stone tablets and into our hearts.” The book is available at Adventist Book Centers. Review and Herald Publish Association and the Hope Channel are encouraging leaders and local churches to coordinate mass distribution of the book in their areas of influence. 

The book released by Pacific Press Publishing Association, The Ten Commandments Under Attack, is written by twelve prominent Adventist evangelists and meant to be shared with non-Adventists. Authors include Doug Bathchelor, Dwight Nelson, Lonnie Melashenko, Ty Gibson, Shelley Quinn, and Mike Tucker, and the foreword is written by Mark Finley, a vice president of the General Conference. The book is meant to be a witnessing tool to non-Adventist Christians and so has been kept small—only 80-pages and pocket-size, with an offer for free Bible study guides.

Pacific Press has also published an 8-page booklet by Mark Finley, Taking a Stand for the Ten Commandments. Finley’s book reminds us that Adventists are not in favor of using the Ten Commandments as a cultural club, but as an opportunity to share the church’s unique understanding of the Ten Commandments in light of Christ and Calvary.
    —The Hope Channel/Review and Herald Publishing Association/Pacific Press Publishing Association/AR.