March 7, 2009

Your Bible Questions

capThis week the Adventist Review Online presents the second part of its new feature "Your Bible Questions." For several years, Angel Rodriguez, a noted Bible scholar and director of the General Conference Biblical Research Institute, has answered your Bible questions. From time to time, we will share Rodriguez's perspectives on a wide range of biblical topics.  

  A Pagan Prophet?
   Was Balaam a prophet from God? (Num. 22-24)

  The Bible and Suicide
   What does the Bible say about suicide?

  Sabbath Questions
   How is the rest in Hebrews 4 related to the seventh-day Sabbath?

  Spiritual Beings
   How does the Bible define "spirit"?

  Is the Heavenly Sanctuary Really Real?
   Is the heavenly sanctuary a real temple with a holy and Most Holy place?