March 31, 2010

Another Look at Calvary

during this Easter season, Christians around the world will commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What happened on Mount Calvary stands at the core of the Christian hope. To help readers better understand the impact of Christ's death and resurrection, the Adventist Review presents following articles from our archives for your inspiration. -- Editors

Cry of Anguish
Christianity is summed up in one esential fact: Jesus died so we could live. (April 2009)

Experiencing the Cross
Once symbol of death and humiliation, it has become the symbol of God's love. (April 2007)

It should embarrass and depress us. Instead it gives us joy. (2004)

Coronation of Shame or Coronation of Glory?
Beatrice Neall shares insights on the deeper meaning of Christ's suffering and death. (2004)

His Tomb is Empty
Jesus didn't die just for our sins. He conquered death itself. (March 2008)

The Absent Presence
To Christ's disciples, the empty tomb was a mysterious puzzle, creating more questions than it answered. (2003)

What if it Never Happened?
Lael Ceasar offers lessons on the death and resurrection of Christ (2003)

Offended by the Cross?
It took a phone call for Lori Future's pent-up passion for the cross to break loose. (2000)

United in the Fellowship of Christ
Christ's death and resurrection unites Christians in an everlasting hope. (2004)