October 4, 2008

Focus on Leadership

capWith a membership of more than 13 million, on of the greatest needs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to develop new leaders. GC officials say church membership will push 20 million in the near future. Who will lead the flocks and nurture growth? This week the Adventist Review Online presents several articles on spiritual leadership and the challenges facing the church.  
Jan Paulsen's keynote address at the 1999 Annual Council session
An interview with GC President Jan Paulsen
Author Karl Haffner asks, "What is true servant leadership?"
Michael Zigarelli asks, "Is a congested life an obstacle to leading God's way?"
Columbia Union President Harold Lee shares a vision of the Adventist Church's future.
North American Division treasurer, Juan Prestol, discusses spiritual leadership.
Leslie Pollard assesses the greatest challenges facing the Adventist Church.
Leslie Pollard explores the impact of culture on effective church leaders.