June 6, 2008

For Your Good Health

capSeventh-day Adventists have a rich tradition of proclaiming the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. As a denomination, we enjoy longer healthier lives. What's the secret? The following articles offer several answers.

10 Healthy Principles for Body and Soul
Antioxidants are found in more places than our food!

To Drink or Not to Drink
What does the research really show?

Health for the Whole Person
While most people only exist Christians enjoy a life worth celebrating.

The Adventist Drug Problem
Here's an issue that all Adventists must face.

What You Need to Know About Exercise
What you don't know will hurt you.

Will Non-Vegetarians Enter Heaven?
How do you interpret Ellen White's counsels on health?

Evidence for All to See
A new study may reinforce the "Adventist advantage" on health and longevity.